Carly Lost One Stone In Her First Month Of VIP Coaching

Do you find yourself constantly saying you will start working on your fat loss goals on Monday? 

But then never seem to start? 

Or you start but then give up by Wednesday?

Kids, work, commitments, social life, life is busy and thinking about what to eat that will give you the best results feels exhausting, tiring and let's face it, you would rather spend your time watching Netflix. 

So you do nothing but the feeling of not fitting into your clothes, surviving off coffee and sugar is really starting to take its toll on your energy, confidence, waistline and health. 

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Lose Up To 5 Stone, Transform Your Body, Relationship With Food, Burn Fat Consistently With a Personalised Nutrition Approach, High Accountability and Daily Support So You Finally Reach Your Goals in 6 Months

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    Click the buttons above with “apply” and complete the application form. From there a member of our team will reach out when there’s available spots. We have limited spots with each registration therefore if you are interested apply now before the spots fill up. The VIP programme is usually in high demand and we have a limited number of coaches.

  • When can I start?

    The next kick off date is Monday 11th September 2023. If we accept your application you will gain access to the VIP app area and be assigned a coach before the kick off date.

  • Why should I join now?

    The VIP programme is only open a few times throughout the year due to capacity. This is your opportunity to kick off the new year in the best way possible. Plus with the September registration you will get one extra month for free, that’s 7 months coaching in total.

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Only 40 Spots available

You are lacking in energy and have zero time to figure out fat loss on your own.

Life feels busy and this feels like another task that you don’t want to deal with.

You don’t know where to start.

Require laser focused goals and support to stay consistent.

Feel confused with all the nutrition information.

Need support and guidance to make it work.

Need a higher amount of accountability so you actually take action. 

Are unsure about how to personalise nutrition so you can see consistent fat loss results while having a lifestyle that fits in with your family / routine.

Plus you need a rock solid mindset and a coach to keep going when you have a rough day.


This is your invitation to join us on a journey of taking the WLA fat loss principles and adjusting them specifically for you for maximum results.

A personalised nutrition coaching programme to help you burn fat consistently by doing what works for you

Focusing on high level support and guidance to create consistent fat loss results

Finally reach your goal weight (happy place) and discover how to stay there with accountability that makes take action even when you don’t want to

Discover exactly what works for you, no more guessing, no wasting time, follow a easy process designed for you

Allow your coach to make the fat loss process simple for you with weekly guidance, saving you time and energy that you can use for other joyful things in life

Apply Now While Spots Are Available

(Spots are limited, it's a first come, first serve basis)

Have flexibility with food

Get back into your favourite clothes 

Lose up to 5 stone without extreme exercise or eating miserable food

Feel energised, lighter, healthier and happier

Gain confidence in yourself again

Feel comfortable in your body

Take action and finally reach your goals

A monthly 1-2-1 coaching session with a qualified WLA coach

Laser focused weekly action steps

Weekly personalised meal suggestions for maximum results

Food diary review to see nutrition blindspots

Daily facebook messenger / whatsapp support with a qualified WLA coach

Monthly interactive zoom coaching calls with Anna

Monthly interactive zoom coaching calls with Su

Personal file is reviewed monthly by Audrey and team with pointers and tips for progress

Access to the new VIP App area for setting goals, daily targets, updating habit scores and  reviewing progress visually

Access to secret whatsapp group with Anna and team

Additional tools, meditations and guides 

Access to all WLA programmes and meal guides

Apply Now While Spots Are Available

(Spots are limited, it's a first come, first serve basis)

Apply Now While Spots Are Available

Anna is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and founder of The Weight Loss Academy. With degree in Food and Nutrition, extensive training in eating disorders and coaching plus 8 years experience in the industry, Anna is well versed in what works for fat loss. 

I truly believe in the power of 1-2-1 coaching as it's something that has benefited me personally in my own journey. I have achieved my goals with the help of others over the years. I have also coached 100’s of women personally myself, I think what many women need is individual support to help them achieve the best results possible. While holding them to a high standard, reminding them along the way that reaching their goals is really important and how they feel actually matters!”

Anna Wallace

Dr Audrey Rankin completed her BSc (Hons) degree in Food and Nutrition. 

Dr Rankins PhD was entitled “Factors determining uptake and effectiveness of personalised nutritional interventions”. This was a mixed-methods framework of work which aimed to understand the public perspective of personalised nutrition and to establish best practices, develop services and policies that will enable personalised nutrition to promote dietary health in the general population. Dr Rankin has been heavily involved with the development of The Weight Loss Academy’s VIP programme. 

“I enjoy working in nutrition as you get to see the direct impact of your knowledge. You can see people change their relationship with food from negative to positive. Food should be enjoyed, so it is nice to see people get excited about food and cooking again!”

Dr Audrey Rankin

With a background in Nursing, Su is also trained as an Eating Psychology Coach, Practitioner in Eating Disorders (ED), and as a solution- focused hypnotherapist focusing on binge eating. 

“I believe that while we should perhaps be kinder to ourselves; we are all individuals and come in a variety of (unique) packaging- there are many of us who want to make some healthy changes and that’s great, especially if these can be healthy changes for life. That’s why I love the Weight Loss Academy and Anna’s approach. I run a live group session each month with the VIP clients where we can unpick some of the issues that block our path to being who we want to be in terms of our bodies and our health. Just why do we self- sabotage?”

Su Brampton Mortley

Have Monthly 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions With Your Qualified WLA Coach Plus Get Access to Monthly Zoom Sessions and Have Your Progress Reviewed By The Team Below 

"No longer self sabotaging and it has become a way of life."

Nicky Duggan

"Better relationship with food. Allow treats and have lost the will eat anything now mentality and start diet again on Monday."

Nicola Goldsmith

"I am eating food made from scratch-only have takeaways as indulgence and don’t have processed food any more."

Alex Firth

"Realising I couldn’t remember when I last ate a bar of chocolate! Every time I felt down and miserable due to my mental health and work situation and didn’t bury my feelings in food."

Dawn Jewson

"Returning to plan and being mindful of my snacking and fitting in exercise. I have started a diary and made sure that I am completing my diary for my food, snacks and exercise."

Carly McCloskey

"I think I feel most proud of what is going on in my head related to food, I now realise that I often reach for a snack when bored, so I am trying to find things to fill that void that do not have calories, I have started to craft with resin and paint with acrylics, I’m not that talented but I care  not a jot because I enjoy it."

Hilary Ewen

"I've learned that if I feel nourished I feel more satisfied. I feel physically fitter as I've been walking more... I'm learning that high sugar high carb foods don't actually make me feel better. My confidence has increased, & I can get a pair of jeans that were previously too tight."

Thelma Dunn

"I am proud that if something went wrong and I ate more snacks or so in one day, the next day I always started it like a new day full of motivation and feeling that “I can do it!” I have noticed that many fit t-shirts fit me again. After baby delivery I could not wear them but now I can! Plus, another pair of small jeans fit me again. I feel energetic and confident again. "

Valeriya Zarubina

"More weight loss and reduction in measurements."

Samantha Robinson

Apply Now While Spots Are Available

(Spots are limited, it's a first come, first serve basis)

They need someone checking in daily, pushing them (in a nice way), holding them to a high standard, creating goals, action steps and helping them adopt the WLA principals for them. 

It essentially makes it easier to succeed as your coach gives you specific advice and then holds you accountable so you actually reach your goals quicker…

The regular WLA is independent and our 6 month VIP is extremely hands on. 

The regular WLA coaching works for most however there are a number of women that need a higher level of commitment, support, advice and accountability. 

Some know what they need to do but they aren’t very good at taking action on their own. 

The truth is we can all benefit from support and coaching in life. Even athletes that are at the top of their game, have a coach. If a coach can benefit an athlete that is a professional, imagine what it could do for you in terms of reaching your goals?

Fat loss is confusing plus if you add that to the fact that there are a million and one ways to lose weight, most of them involving extreme exercise or eating rubbery chicken. Then you couple that with a life that is demanding, add a stressful job and then kids. For many, fat loss is something that goes straight to the bottom of the priority list.

Our Client's  Amazing Body Transformation

Apply Now While Spots Are Available

(Spots are limited, it's a first come, first serve basis)

Maybe 2023 is the year you make a commitment to you, your health, wellbeing and allow yourself the support you truly actually need. 

(Spots are limited, it's a first come, first serve basis)

Apply Now While Spots Are Available

(Spots are limited, it's a first come, first serve basis)

Click here to watch a free training and discover how the coaching could transform your body over the next 6 months 

Start date 11th September 2023  

I joined the programme because I was already in WLA and I knew it worked and suited me, I had some spare money (for once!) and I thought I'd invest it in my weight programme as I needed extra help. I have lost 10 kg in all!

My coach Kirsty was wonderful. I cannot praise her too highly. Tactful, knowledgeable, encouraging. I put it all down to her. The VIP programme overall was well worth the money. Anna's talks and also Su's were inspirational. The recipe books are great!

You will rarely have such a great chance to change your life. It was 100% worth it. It might look like a lot of money but it was worth every penny. I am going to save up and am planning on rejoining in 6 months! Do it. You won't regret it.

Sue Harper


Expert Nutrition Sessions 

Join monthly nutrition sessions with WLA Nutrition Consultant Dr Audrey Rankin. Discover your nutrition blindspots, see consistent results with tips and advice from an expert in personalised nutrition


Guest Expert Sessions

Gain access to our expert sessions, ranging on topics from menopause to stress management. Discover how to improve your lifestyle in multiple areas


Get a FREE Ticket For VIP Day Retreat 

Get a free ticket as a VIP and join us in March in the UK for a full day of wellness. This retreat will not only catapult your results but help you cement your habits with top experts  


Secret Fat Loss Motivational Sessions 

Gain access to monthly secret fat loss motivational sessions delivered by Anna, based on expert behavioural change techniques, positive psychology and how to really stay motivated. These sessions and material are for VIP’s only


VIP Whatsapp Community Chat

Have access to a bunch of fat loss, nutrition and behavioural change experts with the touch of a button. A small community to share wins, tips and motivation


Gain Access To Sugar Reset Video Course For FREE

Get free access to the ever popular Sugar Reset Video Course. Finally ditch your sugar habit, resist your cravings, feel lighter, be empowered by your food choices and finally feel full of energy. All without doing an extreme detox that leaves you feeling hungry, tired and moody 

Incredible results of our VIP client Karen Jayne Goldingay

Month 1 - 118 kg

Month 2 - 114 kg

Month 3 -  111 kg

Month 4 - 107 kg

Total weight loss in 4 months - 11 kg


Waist:  from 125 cm - 118 cm

Chest:  from 131 -126 cm

Legs:  55 cm - 51 cm

Arms:  37 cm -32 cm

Hips:   121 cm -115 cm


 from 26 to 22

Clothing Size

"I lost 1,5 stone, fit in a lot of my old clothes, and my measurements went down."

Jill Tyerman