Get trained as a WLA Coach, become part of a global mission that educates women how to lose weight in an empowering way while creating a fulfilling career that allows you the freedom and flexibility you desire

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Long for a career that is filled with purpose, passion and satisfaction

The regular 9-5 just doesn’t cut it for you anymore. You feel no joy, get zero reward or appreciation for the work you do. You find yourself counting down the days to your next holiday but finally realise this is no way to live your way. You are meant for more and are able for it.

Want to help women end the dreaded dieting cycle and seeing them thrive in their body and relationship with food 

“Obesity is one of the leading risk factors for premature death. It was linked to 4.7 million deaths globally in 2017” (Our World Data -2022) - these numbers are increasing exponentially every year. The problem is most women lack true education and support. As a WLA certified coach, together we can change this. Together we can positively impact the world by supporting clients with taking control back of their physical health in a positive way. There has never been a bigger demand for this work.

Find enjoyment in helping others but never knew how to take the next step towards this

You know the WLA Coaching Certification is the proven, evidence based, step by step roadmap that can take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Having the tools, confidence, education, skills and training to not only transform your life but the lives of 1000’s of women excites you.

Desire freedom and flexibility 

Having true freedom is deciding when you work, how you work and how much you work for and many more women are finally having the courage to step up and say, “I want this”. As a certified WLA Coach, you will have the flexibility to be location independent, create your own hours and daily routine. You will have the tools to build a lucrative career that sets your soul on fire on your own terms rather than being dictated by your manager 

Have an interest in nutrition, behavioural change and coaching

You find nutrition fascinating and realise the power of behavioural change for best results. As a WLA coach your clients will get long lasting results

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Together with like minded women like you, we are on a mission to educate and empower women globally to find confidence back in their body, lose weight in a healthy way and nourish themselves without rules or deprivation.

A world where women know how to eat and look after their bodies so they don’t have to start a new diet every Monday and quit by Wednesday.

This is a global mission that educates women how to lose weight in an empowering way while rebuilding a healthy and positive relationship with food.

As a WLA Coach this is exactly what you will be part of 

At the WLA we pride ourselves in an evidence based, proven step by step method that educates, qualifies and empowers coaches so they can go out into the world and transform people's lives the right way.

Together we can make a difference in this industry!

Imagine making an impact in this industry together while building a lucrative, flexible and fulfilling career for yourself?

Fast forward 8 years, I have coached +20,000 clients, travelled the world, retired my partner and live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

I get to be a present mum and have a career that inspires me everyday.

I remember standing in the cold every morning and taking my 1 hour and 20 min commute to the office. 

Here we go again, I could not shake this feeling of lack of fulfilment. 

Some people grow up knowing they will start their own business, they have big plans. 

I had no idea this would be my path until I started to feel the effects of working in a job that left me feeling pretty empty inside. 

This all started with a thought, a tiny thought in my mind about me wanting to work a job that actually gave me purpose, satisfaction and flexibility. 

That feeling of wanting more out of life. 

More freedom to work my own hours. 

More flexibility so I could decide where I work and for how much. 

I wanted to wake up and enjoy work, feel that I am making a difference in this world.

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We can ignore the feeling of wanting more in life, more fulfilment, more satisfaction, more freedom and more income but the truth is when we step towards our desires, life changes in ways we could never imagine. 

As that’s how we create a better life for ourselves, doing new things and accepting new exciting challenges make us grow with confidence.

It all starts with one decision. 

One step. 

We don’t need to know everything at the start, we just need to be willing to trust our inner guidance. 

The live certification trains you in the evidence based Nutrition, Behavioural Change and Coaching Method (The NBC Method)

Which includes 16 modules (plus bonus modules) taught over a 10 month period. 

Module 1  

Module 2 

Module 3 

Module 4 

Nutrition 101 (Part 1)

Nutrition 101 (Part 2)

Nutrition Balancing 

Understanding Obesity, Dieting and Weight Loss 

Module 5    

Module 6  

Module 7 

Fat Loss Explained 

Nutrition Strategy (Part 1)

Nutrition Strategy (Part 2)

Module 8         Appetite Training

Module 9           Fullness Regulation

Module 10         Emotional Eating

Module 11          Food Freedom

Module 12         Self Sabotage

Module 13         Goal Setting  

Module 14       High Level Coaching Techniques 

Module 15       High Level Coaching Techniques

Module 16         Assessment 3 Overview


Facilitating the Reset

Facilitating the Academy

Menopause / Hormonal Health

Gut health


Welcome box  

Live graduation day  

Monthly coaching pods

Access to WLA client kit

2x live modules per month

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Access to all future updates

    Private student group access     

Assigned accountability coach 

Graduate student group access 

Role play scenarios / case studied

Physical and online course materials

Certificate on successful completion    

Personal details in our coach directory    

The options and opportunities are endless

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Personal Mastery

The coaching industry is booming, it's an over £40 billion dollar industry and every year these numbers are increasing. However the weight loss industry specifically lacks qualified coaches that can help women create long lasting, sustainable weight loss. There’s a big gap and a lot of opportunity.

There’s never been a better time to work for yourself. Online coaching is low risk, high profit and the only upfront cost is actually getting certified.

At the WLA we are doing a huge update of our course material for the September 2022 class. Due to this update, this will be the last time to join at the current rate before we increase the registration fee.

The WLA certification includes all core components that are essential for becoming a confident coach. Most certifications only focus on one component, such as nutrition or coaching. In order for clients to have true transformations and for you to have a successful business, as a coach you require education and skills in nutrition, behavioural change and coaching. There’s no other certification on the market that trains their students in all core components. This means once you are certified you can build your client base right away and create income, rather than doing a certification that leaves you lost and searching for more skills once you are finished. 

The NBC Method has been perfected by experts in the nutrition field. Experts that have not only first hand experience coaching clients but also have years of knowledge. This is evidence based nutrition that will change the direction of the weight loss and dieting industry.

What makes a business successful is the ability to help people get results. After graduation as a certified WLA coach you will unlock your client kit, which means you can facilitate your own versions of the 21 Day Fat Loss Reset and the 12 Week Academy Programme. You will have every single tool you need to start actively coaching clients and a proven programme to help them get the best results possible. Your time is valuable and we want to help you create income quicker.

We not only intertwine the education and coaching skills for becoming a confident coach but also the business mastery. This means you have every single tool required to make a full time income after graduation. No stone is left uncovered.

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It's all possible and never been easier…

I can’t wait to see you step into the version of you that you have always meant to be.

Imagine a year from now having the skills, tools and confidence to be able to help women around the world with their health and wellbeing?

Imagine waking up each day and creating your own schedule based on how you want to work?

Imagine having the knowledge to be able to create a side or full time income working with only an internet connection and having the world at your fingertips?

Imagine having options for the future to work abroad?

  • Is it accredited?

    Yes, however at the moment all of our accreditations are currently being updated due to the current update of all of our course material. Once the course update is complete by the end of summer 2022, our accreditations will resume with multiple organisations and training companies. All accreditor stamps will be on your certificate which you will receive once graduated.

  • How long does the certification take?

    The live teaching will last for 8 months and students have an additional two months to complete assessment 3.

  • How is it assessed?

    Students undergo 3 assessments throughout the course.

  • I work full time, I am already busy, can I fit this in?

    About 80% of women that do the course are working full time, have kids or essentially have many other responsibilities. The certification is set up in a way that you can move through the material without being overwhelmed.

  • How much is it?

    There are a couple of different options for registration, indications are given on our application form. Please select which option is most suitable for you and the options will be discussed in your interview.

  • How do I join?

    Please complete the application form and if your application looks like a great fit, we will be in touch to book you in for a chat to determine which option is most suitable for you.

  • Am I allowed to coach?

    In the UK, the term coach is not regulated. This means anybody can coach and call themselves a coach. What will make you stand out is that you will be a certified coach. Our graduated students only coach clients in areas that they are actually qualified to do.

  • I am not at my weight loss goal yet, can I still do the certification?

    Absolutely, many students are still working on their goals and they use the certification to propel them forward towards their own personal transformation.

  • Do I have to coach after?

    No, some students do the certification purely for their own personal benefit.

Anna is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a degree in Food and Nutrition. For the past 8 years Anna has been changing the direction of the weight loss industry. With a big passion in supporting women with sustainable changes and healthy results without restriction.

Anna has supported over +20,000 clients around the world in her proven coaching programmes, the ever so popular 21 Day Fat Loss Reset and The Academy. With a booked out consultancy, a 6 figure business and a desire to give more women opportunity, Anna created The Weight Loss Academy Coaching Certification. 

“I have travelled the world, I have taken extended maternity leave, I can be a present mum, I work from cafes, I wake up everyday with purpose and passion, now I want to pass this opportunity onto other women. Women that have ambition and care about supporting others with their health and wellbeing. 

I created the certification with the help of incredible experts in the industry, I created something that I wish was available when I started out. A certification that includes all the education, skills and training that is required for becoming the most confident coach that can help their clients in a meaningful way.

Together we can make a difference in this industry!”

Dr Audrey Rankin completed her BSc (Hons) degree in Food and Nutrition with a Diploma in Industrial Studies at Ulster University, Northern Ireland in 2009, graduating with a 2:1. During this time, Dr Rankin undertook a placement year within the School of Psychology at Ulster University, working on a randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of fish consumption on positive and negative mood states in healthy free-living older adults aged 55 to 79.

Dr Rankin then worked as a Research Assistant at Ulster University working in the area of B vitamins and overall health outcomes, before commencing her PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Ulster University in 2011. 

Dr Rankins PhD is entitled “Factors determining uptake and effectiveness of personalised nutritional interventions”. This was a mixed-methods framework of work which aimed to understand the public perspective of personalised nutrition and to establish best practices, develop services and policies that will enable personalised nutrition to promote dietary health in the general population.

Since completing her PhD in 2015, Dr Rankin has worked in a number of research positions at both Ulster University and Queen's University Belfast in a number of areas including psychology, mental health and behaviour change interventions. 

Dr Rankin now works at the Weight Loss Academy as a Nutrition Consultant, where she writes nutrition-related content for social media, certification and develops healthy recipes.

Dr Rankin says she enjoys working in nutrition as you get to see the direct impact of your knowledge. You can see people change their relationship with food from negative to positive. Food should be enjoyed, so it is nice to see people get excited about food and cooking again! 

Sinead came to the WLA after struggling with her weight and yo-yo dieting for most of her adult life. She had reached a point where she couldn’t face another diet yet she knew for the sake of her health and her future, she couldn’t continue the cycle of losing and gaining weight. 

As Sinead experienced massive breakthroughs and mindset changes going through the programme, she wondered why more coaches weren’t offering this simple and sustainable approach to weight loss. Soon after she jumped at the chance to train as a coach and help other ladies, like herself, make peace with food.  

After completing the certification process, Sinead joined the team of coaches in The Weight Loss Academy as Head Coach. Sinead is passionate about helping ladies to reach their goals and conquer their food demons using healthy and sustainable methods.  

As head coach, Sinead oversees the team of WLA coaches, she coaches in the main Academy Support group as well as the 21-day Fat Loss Resets. Sinead also works with the trainee coaches and holds regular informal “coach chats” with them to discuss the coaching process, help them work on their own goals and consider their future role.  

In Sinead’s own words “Being a coach with the WLA is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. Being part of the process to help ladies break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting to being empowered and in control is so fulfilling. The flexibility of the work is also a big bonus, I can fit the role around my family and my work/life balance has never been better”.

I joined the WLA certification because I love everything that WLA stands for. I wanted to learn how to ditch the diets, learn how to eat properly and the reasoning behind this. Part of the reason was to learn this for my own well being but also to help others to stop getting drawn into these expensive temporary fads.

In time I will also be finishing my current job and I really enjoy being self employed but what else would I be able to do when I've been in the same career since I left school? This opportunity seemed to come at the right time. I sat and thought about it for quite a while, and decided to go for it. I told myself if I don't go for it I'll always wonder how it would have panned out. I wanted to continue working from home in the future and have the flexibility to work around my family.  

The support from the group is amazing, we all cheer each other on. Though there is a lot of information to take in, it's very easy learning. I was worried about having to write up multiple essays, and finding time to fit everything in. That's not the case at all. It was all very doable around work and family life.

There are so many opportunities on where this certification can take you, we aren't limited to where we can go with this, and everyone can go at their own pace! I am excited to help more women like me to find a new way of changing their relationships with food without counting or restricting what they eat. My plan is to carry out online programmes, I currently have a small group of awesome ladies taking part in a 12 week programme and the results so far are amazing!


I found the Wla programmes so refreshing I had finally found a lifestyle that worked that wasn’t a diet! It is enjoyable, workable (around family and your own needs) and most importantly sustainable. When the coaching certification arose I knew I needed to take a leap of faith and go for it. I had learnt so much from my own experience. I just knew it would be so exciting and enjoyable to dive in further and gain knowledge to be able to help others with correct advice that actually works. 

 I loved learning more about nutrition, how to nourish and fuel your body, and the physiology behind the behavioural change aspect. There’s so much more to health and longevity that’s why you can’t just be told what to eat, yes what you eat is important but really connecting back with your body and understanding your own needs whether that be food or change a habit / mindset really is magical to make that transformation.

Helping other women. It’s so hard to cut through what you should and shouldn’t do with all the conflicting information out there. I can’t wait to be able to help women, guide them forwards to make their own progress creating a sustainable lifestyle that is simple to follow. I know this formula works and I can’t wait to help empower and build confidence to help my fellow ladies become happy and healthy.


I joined the WLA certification as I was loving the whole programme. The Academy group was and is an amazingly safe space with fabulous coaching. I was looking around at your content and discovered the masterclass videos on you tube. I watched the first one and made my mind up there and then I wanted to do the certification to help and inspire other ladies like myself. It was an opportunity I couldn't miss. 

The whole experience was wonderful. The teaching from yourself Anna, was above and beyond. You are always available for questions and freely give your time and expertise to help us achieve. The group of ladies on the certification with me, are amazing and I feel many of them have now become friends. I feel sure we will support each other going forward. My favourite thing about the certification, apart from learning about the nutrition, was the strategies we can use to help our ladies achieve their goals.

I am so excited for the future. The opportunity to run my own business while having the ongoing support from you and the Academy is priceless. I can't wait to start helping ladies find their happy place and start enjoying their relationship with food again.


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When I think about what has contributed to my success, one of the big factors was realising the power of investing in myself, my future and my business. 

In the early days of my business, rather than going out and wasting my money on alcohol or buying new clothes every weekend, I decided to use any money I had to invest back into my own personal growth. 

I have spent over £100,000 on courses, business mentors and additional certifications and every penny was worth it. It’s got me to where I am today because I have learned from the very best in the industry. 

Everytime I have made an investment in myself, I have doubted myself and my ability but ultimately we all have a choice whether we should take a chance on ourselves or say no to opportunities. However life doesn’t change if we continue down the same path. 

My motto is, in life there is always a solution and everything always works out. On my deathbed (dramatic right), I guarantee that I will not criticise myself for investing in my own growth, I know I will be proud that I keep pushing for my desires. 

The truth is an online coaching business is extremely low risk, this is due to the minimal start up fees. You only need a laptop, an internet connection, a passion for helping people and your training.  

If you take a chance on anything in life, take a chance on yourself. 

I know you have so much potential and I believe in you. 

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Being a WLA coach is the most fulfilling job I have ever had (other than being a mother). I doubting whether I could do it, now I don’t think I could do anything else. 


A course that allowed me to learn the theory of nutrition and food behaviours alongside the practical application of coaching in my own life, enabling me to be the best all round coach possible for future clients.


I signed up for the certification course to better my own knowledge around nutrition and behaviour, solely for myself and my young family... Little did I know that I would be given and gain the knowledge and confidence to coach & support other women on their journey... it's humbling and exhilarating in equal measure but I couldn't have done any of it without the certification course.


"From the get go in the certification, I started to believe more in myself and know I can do anything I put my mind to"  |  Lindsey

"By 2025 I will be coaching clients with the WLA method full time"  |  Natasha

"I just dipped my feet in and already have 40 clients"  |  Penny

Work fully online

Start a side business

Start a full time business

Work as a coach for the WLA

Decide your own working hours

Facilitate the 21 Day Fat Loss Reset

Run The Weight Loss Academy Retreat

Work in a way that fulfils and inspires you

Determine how much you want to get paid

Add WLA coaching to your current business model

Facilitate 12 Week Weight Loss Academy Programme

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Are You Ready To Take Steps Towards a Fulfilling and Meaningful Career? 

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"This is going to be my business, I love coaching people. I just want to go out and help people"  |  Lou

We don’t expect you to pay anywhere near this price but every ounce of knowledge that I have personally paid for is passed onto my students, so they can create their own version of success. 

You get all my knowledge and experience plus my teams in one certification, this is what I wish was available when I was starting out. It would have saved me many years of work and a lot more money.

If I didn’t take this plunge, I think I would have regretted it.


By 2025 I will be coaching clients with the WLA method full time.


I love Anna’s passionate, fun approach to teaching. It's amazing. No pressure just knowledge and confidence.


The certification has opened my eyes to a whole new world.